Altezza / IS3000

TRD Front GrillTRD Front Grill Aero Grille

TRD Rear Aero Spoiler Rear Aero Spoiler
Trunk Panel
Carbon: $1875USD/$2437CDN
FRP: $1340USD/$1742CDN
TRD High Response Muffler High Response Muffler Ver.S

A high-quality sports muffler developed by TRD in partnership with standard muffler manufacturers. An all stainless steel exhaust system focused on performance and cost. Even more reliable than genuine Toyota parts.

TRD Air Filter Sports Air Filter

A sports air filter born from racing engine development technology. An air filter that delivers the most basic, critical functions of ingesting air, removing dust, and supplying fresh air to the engine. By modifying the technology used in racing engines, running under the harshest conditions and putting the results to work in a commercial product, the TRD Sports Air Filter has achieved the smooth air intake and cleaning effects demanded by high-rev engines.

TRD Oil Filler CapTRD Oil Filler CapTRD Oil Filler Cap Oil Filler Cap

Casually dresses up the engine compartment. And, since it's made by Juracon, you can be sure it's a top performer as well. This aluminum-cut TRD oil filler cap with its beautiful metallic shine and centered TRD logo elegantly cuts a dashing figure in any engine compartmentJuracon not only dresses up the engine compartment, but provides the best in functionality as well. Not only does this Juracon-manufactured product not become too hot even immediately after driving, but the cap is diamond-shaped for easy turning. Because it does not easily get hot while being easy to remove, this cap works great for rapid pit work on long endurance races that require engine oil refills during the race. In consideration of its use in motor sports, Juracon has placed spring-lock holes at four corners, making it possible to add spring locks.

Aluminum Silver: $115USD/$149CDN
Aluminum Gold: $115USD/$149CDN
Resin: $80USD/$104CDN
TRD Radiator Cap Radiator Cap

Upping the valve opening pressure of the pressure regulator on the radiator cap to allow higher radiator pressure increases the boiling point of the coolant, reduces bubbles, improves cooling, and generally maximizes the cooling performance of the radiator. We increased the valve opening pressure of the TRD radiator caps to 127 kpa (1.3 kg/cm2) and 147 kpa (1.5 kg/cm2). Thus, another full-fledged design that arose from racing car development makes its appearance.

TRD Sports Thermostat Sports Thermostat
TRD Fuel Cap Cover Fuel Cap Cover
TRD Sports Oil Filter Sports Oil Filter

This oil filter achieves high filtration efficiency, reducing compression loss, and it exhibits high engine protection characteristics by helping to smooth engine oil circulation and providing excellent impurity filtering characteristics. The race-car type backup net prevents deformation and damage of the filter layer, while achieving high durability under the harshest of conditions. It is also used in the Altezza engine, which competes in Super-Endurance N Plus Class races.

Tower Bar

Reduces torsion forces on chassis and body to improve steering response.

Rear: $283USD/$368CDN
TRD Suspension Member Brace
TRD Suspension Member Brace
Suspension Member Brace

Strengthens under-floor rigidity to achieve a safer feel while driving.

Front: $319USD/$415CDN
Rear: $395USD/$514CDN
TRD Sportivo Set Sportivo Set

This suspension set reduces the height of the car by roughly 15 to 40 mm, which lowers its center of gravity for improved drivability while achieving sportier styling
Sportivo's comfort zone has not been about endowing your drive with a cushiony, airy feel. Rather, it is about excellent convergence, and that it is best to reduce vehicle motion a little to provide a comfortable, non-fatiguing ride, even for those long drives. Reflecting this thinking, this suspension system is designed to reduce bouncing and pitching along with larger vehicle movements, to minimize driver jiggling and produce the sensation of an even, smooth ride.
While quieting motion at high speeds, it compels your vehicle to respond obediently to your every whim with no sense of incongruity, even during corrections. This makes possible high-speed cruising with a sense of stability, through moderate reduction in vehicle motion, without uneven road surface disturbance.

Suspension Full Set: $2094USD/$2722CDN
Shock Absorber Set: $730USD/$949CDN
Spring Set: $499USD/$649CDN
Stabilizer Set: $910USD/$1183CDN
TRD Suskit (Height Adjustable Suspension Suskit (Height Adjustable Suspension kit)

A suspension kit with perfect balance -Matching of the springs and shocks to the car extends to including all required parts in kit form, and the ability to easily fine-tune your adjustments.
-Car height and damper force can be adjusted freely
By enabling the car height and damper force to be varied to match driving conditions and driver preferences, the vehicle's steering characteristics, center of gravity, cornering weight, and more can be adjusted easily, drawing out the maximum potential of a sports vehicle, especially for the circuit.
* To adjust vehicle height, adjust the position of the screw-type lower spring seat.
Although you can vary the preload through car height adjustment, you cannot adjust the preload alone.
-The spring rate can be adjusted.
You can change the rate of optional springs
(Please see the following table for information on optional springs.)

TRD High Response Muffler Stabilizer Set (Stabilizer Bar + Bush)

TRD has elegantly hurdled the twin peaks of maintaining a comfortable ride while reducing roll.

Front: $319USD/$415CDN
Rear: $264USD/$343CDN
Brake Pad "Black"

This high-performance brake is second to none when it comes to providing reliable stopping power, making your pursuit of an agreeable speed even safer.
With their sharp initial performance surge, these brakes provide extraordinary braking force with just a tap of the brake pedal.
You can really feel the difference in stop and go traffic.

Front: $160USD/$208CDN
Rear: $160USD/$208CDN
TRD Brake Pad - RED
TRD Brake Pad - RED
Brake Pad "Red"

The Red series brake pads provide a linear braking performance whose development has been honed on the circuit. Its potential has already been demonstrated numerous times in the field. These brake pads respond to pedal pressure in a linear fashion.
The professionally-acclaimed control pad allows you to achieve pin-point braking control simply by adjusting the pressure you apply to the foot pedal. Developed with the circuit racing and other competitive racing in mind, the Red series brake pads provide the superior performance demanded by competitive areas such as braking performance, anti-fade characteristics, controllability, and durability.
Unlike other brake pads designed for circuit racing, this brake pad exhibits ample braking force throughout the temperature range from low to high, meaning it can be used normally on the street as well.

Front: $237USD/$308CDN
Rear: $237USD/$308CDN
Direct Brake Line

With a basic design derived from racing cars, these brakes provide a direct braking feeling

TRD Sport Brake Disc Sport Brake Disc
Front Left: $239USD/$311CDN
Front Right: $239USD/$311CDN
Rear Left: $198USD/$257CDN
Rear Right: $198USD/$257CDN
TRD Sports Meter Kit Sports Meter Kit

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