Heat is the primary enemy of any clutch assembly. TRD clutch components offer unsurpassed performance, durability and longevity under heavy duty or racing use, such as road course, gymkhana, off-road or rally racing. The TRD clutch set is designed to ensure that all the power of your engine is transmitted to the drive system without slipping or other loss.

TRD Clutch Cover TRD Clutch Cover

To provide maximum performance under high-temperature conditions, TRD Clutch Covers are reinforced for added strength, provide additional clamping force and are designed tp provide optimum performance when used with TRD clutch disks.

Toyota Celica ZZT231: $321USD/$449USD
Toyota Corolla AE86: $297USD/$416CDN
Toyota Echo/Vitz: $319USD/$447CDN
Toyota MR2 turbo: $387USD/$542CDN
Toyota Supra: $677USD/$948CDN
TRD Clutch Disc TRD Clutch Disc (sports)
TRD offers a heavy-duty clutch disk with a durable, heat-resistant friction material and reinforced components suitable for street or racing use. These clutch disks ensure consistent, uncompromising performance under extreme driving conditions, such as gymkhana or road circuit use.
Toyota Celica ZZT231: $197USD/$276CDN
Toyota Corolla AE86: $207USD/$290CDN
Toyota Echo/Vitz: $196USD/$274CDN
Toyota MR2 turbo: $284USD/$398CDN
Toyota Supra $230USD/$322CDN
TRD Clutch Disc TRD Clutch Disc (race)

For the serious racer or performance enthusiast, TRD offers a metallic facing for use on vehicles with highly modified engines that are used in the most rigorous of racing or motor sports applications. The facing is made of a special alloy that provides extraordinary wear and heat resistance combined with outstanding durability.

Toyota Echo/Vitz: $409USD/$573CDN
TRD Sport Shift
TRD Sport Shift
TRD Sport Shift

Rapid gear changes increase the responsive feel of the vehicle, and TRD's Quick Shifters provide the ideal solution. Easy to install (Bolt-on)and fun to use, the TRD Quick Shifter adds a new dimension of performance to any vehicle.

Toyota Corolla AE86: $321USD/$449CDN
Toyota Celica ZZT231 $203USD/$284CDN
Toyota Echo/Vitz: $297USD/$416CDN
Toyota MR2 SW20: $217USD/$304CDN
Toyota MRS ZZW30: $217USD/$304CDN

Limited slip differentials have more rigorous lubrication requirements, and TRD offers the perfect oil for use with the TRD Limited Slip Differential (LSD). TRD Limited Slip Differentials have become very popular for use in a variety of motor sports, especially drag racing and off-road use. TRD LSD Oil brings out the best performance in your TRD LSD while providing the maximum lubrication protection.

Toyota Celica ZZT231: $1103USD/$1544CDN
Toyota Corolla AE86 83.5~85.10: $947USD/$1326CDN
Toyota Corolla AE86 85.10~87.4: $914USD/$1280CDN
Toyota Echo/Vitz: $1047USD/$1466CDN
Toyota Echo/Vitz (Helical): $1047USD/$1466CDN
Toyota MR2 SW20: $1103USD/$1544CDN
Toyota Supra JZA80: $1147USD/$1606CDN

Light Weight Fly Wheel TRD Light Weight Fly Wheel

Toyota Celica ZZT230 $611USD/$855CDN
Toyota Celica ZZT231 $632USD/$884CDN
Toyota MRS ZZW30 $851USD/$1191CDN
Toyota MR2 SW20 $611USD/$855CDN

Please call! These are only a sample of the products we carry for this line. There are too many to list! Contact us at or call at (604)325-1882

To place an order, please call us or fax us the following order form! order form

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